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This collection emphasises the individuality of women and aims to reflect the beauty, strength and personality of each one of you.
Sui Generis: of its (his, her, their) own kind; in a class by itself; unique. (Latin)

Every piece in the Sui Generis collection is carefully created as a one-off, with hand stitching and delicate embellishment. Dresses can be replicated exactly as they are, or we can add your own personal elements. Replica dresses are priced from £800.

#NotAllBridesWearWhite and I love experimenting with monochrome and colour to embolden outfits. Different tones can really let your character shine through, and awesome make-up and floral arrangements finish the look. Final touches here come from Danni Alexandra make-up, Samantha Marais hair and Jessica J photography.

Classic or contemporary – or, in many cases, a mix of both, the Sui Generis collection offers elegance, opulence and gorgeousness. I will mix different textures and fabrics to really bring a dress to life, and embroidery and beading to add glamour. When we’re finished, your dress will mirror your own amazing strength and beauty.

I believe that every woman possesses individuality, beauty and strength. Every one is different and every one deserves to feel confident and composed in her bridal gown. That’s why you can select from my Sui Generis collection or have a dress tailor-made according to your vision and imagination. #BridalRevolution